About Dink

Introducing your portable supporting device, your best friend in keeping your property and goods safe, together, at hand and off the floor.

A robust yet discrete, device that attaches to almost anything, securely storing valuables and accessories.

Whether you ski, cycle, go camping, carry out DIY or go to the shops, you are at some point going to need to put down certain items.

Maybe it’s bags to have a drink or food, or when a cyclist/skier goes for a break in a café or restaurant, they will want to place their helmet/gloves out of the way.

Often, there is no room on the table, the floor is dirty or there is a risk of the item(s) being stolen.

Therefore, there is a need to keep your valuables off the ground and close to hand.

Look after your valuables, Dink! them.

The benefits of Dink :-

  • Trustworthy.
  • Designed with the needs of the consumer at the forefront.
  • Innovative, offering a simple, intuitive solution for everyday frustrations.
  • A handy, multi-purpose and practical aid.
  • Compact, convenient, lightweight and discrete.
  • Clever, Smart, adaptable functionality.
  • Strong Robust, secure and safe.

Where will you use yours????


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A big thanks to all the people who have helped us on Kickstarter so far :-